OSC Innovation eventi innovativi



Leverage on the technology as a new way to engage with your audience. Robots, Augmented Reality, Drones and mapping are used for corporate events, shows, conferences, press events and product launches. Our solutions can be customized to your needs, the specific project and location, as well as the specific message you want to deliver. Each and every single one of our shows is one of a kind: unique and authentic.

Virtual Events 


allestimento bracci robotici con diversi oggetti in punta
OSC Innovation robotica
  • More than for industrial applications. Robots can also be dancers, presenters, and so much more. They can perform various kinds of actions directly on stage, and be integrated with led walls, projections and more.

soluzioni di Realtà Aumentata
soluzioni di realtà aumentata
  • During the event, 3D Animated objects make their appearance on stage. The presenter can interact with them and turn their speech into an amazing experience.

eventi con droni
OSC Innovation droni
  • Flying over the sky, drawing eveyrthing you want, performing any kind of choreography. The drones show is usually performed outdoor, but can also be organized indoor.

Mapping e ologrammi per eventi
OSC Innovation mapping e ologrammi
  • Light show experiences and dynamic projections enhance the architectural structures. Through the mapping, animated stories are projected, enhancing the geometric shapes of the facades. Holograms give life to 3D objects to offer the public the reproduction of contents in an innovative way.

OSC Innovation service per eventi



Cutting edge hardware and software to manage your event, also remotely. Audio and Lights service, control room, branded platforms to perform live streaming. Thanks to our consolidated experience with big events, festival and conferencs, we help you to take your shows to the next level enhancing the experience with new solutions, such as 360° streaming or live mixed reality experiences.


OSC Innovation audio video luci
OSC Innovation audio video e luci
  • We can help you deliver the best physical event thanks to our all-in service. Ledwalls, control room, lights, audio. Allround solutions.

Sviluppo immagini e video streaming 360
OSC Innovation streaming 360
  • Live 360° streaming of your event through a mobile app. It can be further enhanced with a head mounted display cardboard.

realizzazione eventi virtuali
OSC Innovation eventi virtuali
  • A wide number of solutions for your virtual events. From the development of platforms to handle streaming, to live broadcasting on social media channels, apps and mixed reality with 3D contents.

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