sistemi e totem interattivi per musei o eventi



A number of solutions available to cover your needs and support you in achieving your goals. Placed in your physical stores or event locations, these solutions are great to engage your audience on-site. Our offer is based on advanced hardware solutions combined with sensors. Playing with robots, interacting with 3D objects, and living sensorial experiences are just a few examples of what is possible. The only limit is your imagination.


Robotica per eventi, bracci di diverse dimensioni
OSC Innovation robotica
  • Robots can be used for so much more than industrial usage. They are the future of entertainment: we can program them to create choreographies, shows and narrative installations. Robots can be set to perform any kind of actions, interacting with the users, or in combination with ledwall projection or mapping. Just imagine: the robot performs programmed actions, such as moving objects, while the mapping shows fantastic synchronized content.

Specchi e schermi magici per l'intrattenimento
OSC Innovation content exhibition
  • User engagement solutions that track the body, objects and environment in real time and add interactive 3D content. The variations are endless: games, dressing rooms and virtual showcases, interactive information totems and much more.

postazioni di realtà virtuale
Sviluppo Realtà Aumentata
  • Create a simulated environment. The position of the user’s eyes are located within the simulated environment, so when the user’s head turns, the graphics react accordingly. Rather than compositing virtual objects and a real scene, VR technology creates a convincing, interactive world for the user.

sviluppo e installazione di sistemi interattivi
Sistemi Interattivi
  • Custom applications and devices that use various types of sensors to establish connections between people, environments, objects and machines. Through the tracking of bodies, movement, light and biometric parameters, engaging experiences of strong cognitive, perceptual and emotional value are created.

schermi, sensori, totem e hardware avanzato per catturare l’attenzione



Grab the attention of your audience. These installations can be placed in-store, in shop windows, or in any kind of place where your audience is. Mirrors, sensors and totems are only a few examples of what we can do for you.


Digital Signage per eventi
Digital Signage per eventi, conferenze o lancio di prodotti
  • Digital signage enables the planning and communication of messages in a dynamic and attractive way. The digital reader receives the content from the central server and reproduces the contents on one or more displays: these could be classical wall or ceiling screens, directional signs, totems, or interactive tables, smart windows, smart changing rooms, and even smartphones and tablets . The server receives the contents from a terminal which manages the programming of the messages. Through a Visual Content Management platform you can create contents and set the reproduction on a single display, or on several displays simultaneously, managing everything remotely.

Installazioni Sensoristica AR e AI
  • Sensors and tracking systems programmed to collect specific user inputs and return outputs in a fluid and automatic way. Artificial intelligence is integrated into systems of this type to make them more and more performing, session after session, with an interface enhanced by natural language processing algorithms that allows the machine to converse with users.

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