Sviluppo App per Metalway

The App that turns your smartphone into a reverberation meter

The App that turns your smartphone into a reverberation meter 783 565 OSC Innovation

Do you know that your smartphone can evolve into a semi-professional reverberation measuring instrument? This we conceived, designed and built, together with the acoustic engineers of Euphonia, for Steelbox of Metalway srl, an Italian company of excellence that produces the high quality Zen SoundShaper® acoustic panels.

The challenge is to equip the sales force with an advanced tool, but also easy to use, to enhance the moment of the technical inspection. The fascinating collaboration between the different skills of the client and the consultants led to the solution: a mobile APP capable of measuring the reverberation time of the environment through the device’s microphone, automatically suggesting the necessary panels for acoustic treatment.

Lorella Pedicone, Sole Director of Metalway srl, who strongly wanted the project, describes it as: “the ingenious use of a common tool to solve a specific technical need and transform it into a business development opportunity. Our sales force, our partners and consultants today have an effective and quality solution, literally in their pocket, to be used during appointments and negotiations. “

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