OSC Innovation nel middle east con PlanB

OSC Innovation and PlanB join forces in the Middle East market

OSC Innovation and PlanB join forces in the Middle East market 783 565 OSC Innovation

The strategic alliances of OSC Innovation are being developed. In addition to the first partnerships in Italy, Europe, the Far East, Africa and North America, the Middle East has now been added to the list. The presence of OSC has now been established with new headquarters in Dubai, together with the AVS Group. OSC Innovation has made an agreement with its partner PlanB. This well-known group chooses OSC Innovation as its exclusive partner for innovation and new technologies.

We are of the strong belief that collaborations is the only route for a sustainable model globally and innovation is the currency that we can bank upon.Creativity and innovation with a bespoke solution is a winning formula and we are pleased to have joined hands with OSC innovation as they are not only known for there profound knowledge but also are updating there technology on regular R&D. It’s a win win platform with our group known for the best and the biggest campaigns in the region can now have a better alignment on global technology and interactive trends‘. These are the words with which Harmeek Singh, CEO of Plan B, confirms the new partnership at the joint signature with the CEO of OSC Innovation, Saverio Ceravolo, who adds: ‘Our specific positioning fully satisfies this need to create a single place where high quality content and advanced technologies converge, and also thanks to Plan B, this place can be the whole world‘.

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