Technology for interactive communication

The technology does not take away the man from the great problems of nature,

but it forces him to study in more deeply.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry – Terre des hommes


To maximize the experience of users and customers, we develop projects that harmonize creativity and innovation by combining the real world with all possible environments and virtual objects to have new possibilities of interaction and engagement. A technology that allows to create virtual reality environments where you can literally “dip”, with incredible results in terms of powerful functionalities, aesthetic impact and high involvement.

OSC Innovation implements projects of virtual reality for immersive glasses, web and mobile application, installations, projects related to different areas including marketing, entertainment, publishing, scientific and cultural dissemination, training, promotion, retail and others.

Immersive virtual reality can be used for many purposes in different sectors, from communication to education, through training, prototyping, medicine, mechanical, and many other fields of knowledge.

It is applicable to the business and consumer world through advanced multi-channel solutions that enhance any type of content. Users will feel as adaptive part of the adaptive contexts, not only as spectators, for thrilling experience in a virtual reality, particularly effective in terms of involvement. You can explore the world around us in every detail, with experiences of great emotional, motivational, perceptive and cognitive impact.

The experience is to dive to 360 degrees in a virtual reality in three dimensions, in which you can interact with your own hands and body movement. The viewer is able to recognize the movements of the head and move the camera just as if we were in the real world.


We provide different virtual and immersive reality solutions:

  • 3D immersive configurator – allows to reconstruct product in 3D graphics or filming at 360°
  • VR / 360° APPLICATION – visible applications on the desktop, smartphone and tablet, swipe mode in touch or gyroscope, for virtual reality experiences that even become immersive when using head display glasses to watch 3D content and 360° shooting
  • 360° VIDEO – available for 360° video use to be uploaded to YouTube
  • STREAMING LIVE 360° – real-time live streaming 360 video signal, available through web and mobile app
  • VIDEO GAME VR – virtual reality solutions for gamification projects

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The Augmented Reality allows to draw an image printed on a sheet, a three-dimensional object, a place, a person, a face, adding real-time 3D digital content.

Advanced software solutions replicated at different devices with optical tracking or infrared, recognize environments, objects and users, by inserting 3D virtual content in the real world. The applications can handle 3D virtual content, anchoring them in the environment around us or on our bodies, allowing us to manipulate objects and interact, experimenting with new forms of communication and art. Applications can evolve into game in augmented reality.

It is a highly versatile technology, both in terms of content and with regard to the areas of application.

Augmented reality can be used for web and mobile app, multimedia kiosks, installations and live events. It adapts to many different industries, from marketing to culture, from research to education.

How does augmented reality works?

  1. A camera, a webcam, the camera of a smartphone / tablet, an immersive glass, shooting the surrounding environment.
  2. A workstation, a personal computer or a mobile device that runs the Augmented Reality software, reworks the video stream in real time, adding multimedia content: audio, video, 2D, 3D.
  3. Through a screen, the display of a mobile device or special glasses, the interactive contents are visible in the surrounding environment.

The immediacy, the spectacular nature of the system and the possibility of interaction with the material and virtual elements ensure an immersive experience and a strong emotional impact.

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Interactive systems are applications and devices using various types of sensors to establish links between men, environments, objects and machines. Through the tracking of bodies, movement, light, and various other parameters, they create engaging experiences, strong cognitive value, perceptual and emotional.

These systems use a variety of sensors, including the well know Kinect and Leap Motion, which detect human presence, tracking the movement in real time.

The user can interact by simply employing the body and with no controller to hold.

These are applications that can be used to enhance the performance in live events, interactive installations, multimedia kiosks, virtual visits to historic buildings, museums, virtual scenarios created for promotional, educational or recreational, as well as through interactive games.

The interactive experience is an immediate system which will deliver a new way to get in touch with space and with virtual elements to attract the attention of users and increase their level of engagement.

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Spectacular optical illusions to see with naked eye: here is the strength of the 3D mapping technology, projecting multimedia content on surfaces and objects, involving the public in an original and exciting show.

Directly on walls, buildings or objects, images, video, colors, lights and shapes that make reproductions in a real 3D animated scene are projected. The actual elements, tracked and recognized by the system, are raised and processed with content designed specifically by our 3D artists, which are projected directly on the real object, giving optical illusion visible to the naked eye, without having to wear glasses.

The real objects seem to change before the astonished gaze of the watchers in the captivating animation, combine art and technology.

Carry out a project of 3D mapping means putting in place an exciting performance, with projections designed both for closed environments of small size, and for exterior, with 3D projections on large surfaces, building facades and walls.

The mapping can be integrated with interactive solutions to communicate with the public or performer.

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Holograms are virtual images visible to the naked eye, which are projected with particular techniques to generate experiences that fascinate and excite the audience during live events or during presentations and promotions.

We create holographic solutions for different needs, which vary in size, throwing technique, conditions, and shall be implemented through camouflaged films, showcases of different sizes, multi facial pyramids, mini display smartphones and tablets.

The central element of the hologram is the ability to return the spectacular feeling of real presence of persons and physical or virtual reconstructions of objects in the environment.

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The new frontiers of robotics and automation for entertainment enhance the range of solutions offered by OSC Innovation.

Thanks to the synergy with AVS Group and the partnership with KUKA Robotics, international leader in robotic industry, we are able to achieve performance with the use of robots, high level of technology and synchronized multimedia content.

We can integrate different technologies to create unique and original combinations of robots, the newest hardware video and advanced media content. Robotic solutions to animate scenes in live environments and temporary installations, movies, TV shows and concerts: they can be automated and managed by movements of objects and setting through powerful robot with mechanical arms.

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