Robotics and automation solutions created to entertain, animate sets and content in live events, for both temporary and permanent installations, museums, shows and concerts. Robotics of different sizes aimed to spectacularize environments, objects and content with a skilled central direction and standard broadcast. In synergy with AVS Group e KUKA Robotics, international leaders in robot production, we accomplish performances making use of robots with a wide range of features, dedicated integrations and syncronized multimedial content for high impact experiences.


A virtual world in which the user can discover content and products and live unique experiences. Virtual environments and objects with new and highly involving, engaging and interactive opportunities. Users can interact with characters and objects in adaptive environments changing their point of view, by moving with their bodies and using their hands to manage objects. Virtual reality projects for mobile and web pages, immersive solutions for head mounted display visors and cardboard visors, for cultural, scientific, business, marketing and retail content. The virtual reality solutions we offer are: Applications and Configurators, to visualize environments and products on mobile and web; Multiplayer Installations, where users can interact contemporarily in the same virtual environment recognizing persons and the surroundings; 360° Videos and Streamings, using YouTube and Live Streaming; VR Virtual Events, completely virtual solutions with dedicated avatars and environments; VR Videogames, custom-made virtual reality environments for gaming projects.


Augmented reality allows to add 3D and real time multimedial content with physical reality tracking persons and objects. OSC Innovation creates projects in augmented reality for mobile apps and web, social platforms, live events, installations and multimedial totems. Advanced software solutions, applied on different devices provided with optical tracking or infrared, face recognition, persons, environments and objects. This allows the user to interact with the 3D virtual content. A camera, webcam, smartphone/tablet camera, or an immersive visor record the surroundings. A workstation, a personal computer or mobile device, is used to run the Augmented Reality software, re-elaborate the video flux in real time by adding multimedia content. Through a screen, a mobile device, or specific immersive visors, interactive content is displayed. This creates experiences with a strong emotional impact, experimenting new forms of communication and art.


We use any type of 4.0 technology to create personalized and spectacular solutions: drones, projection mapping, holograms and much more. We love to create interactive systems, integrating technologies by using special sensors that, through body tracking, movement, light and several other factors, create an involving experience of strong cognitive, perceptive, and emotive value. We propose these solutions to enhance performances during live events, interactive installations, multimedial totems, as well as scientific, cultural and entertainment purposes. The interactive experience provides a new dimension to content as well as a new way to interface with users, attracting their attention and and increasing their engagement level.

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